checkmarkDevelop measures to support small business.

checkmarkCreate small business hubs.

checkmarkSupport the movie industry at Camosun and other opportunities.

checkmarkEncourage and support innovative business through property tax breaks.

checkmarkRecruitment of human capital.

checkmarkSupport the development of work force housing.


checkmarkFind ways to encourage participation rates in civic elections.

checkmarkDevelop outreach programs in our schools and universities.


checkmarkAddress Climate change issues and develop mitigation measures.

checkmarkCreate sustainable, livable and walkable neighborhoods.

checkmarkInvest in our current parks more resources to remove invasive species and keep them healthy.

checkmarkPromote backyard gardens, and the use of community gardens including space allocation in parks and municipal owned lands.


checkmarkIdentify cost savings, redundancies and cost efficiencies.

checkmarkDevelop new sources of revenue and investment

checkmarkFocus on the "need tos" not the "nice tos."

checkmarkImprove government structures, including performance targets and measures to improve implementation of council policies.

checkmarkUse policy governance as the main mechanism of council governance as per governance review recommendations.

checkmarkCreate a standing committee of emeritus residents (senior experienced professionals and business people to advise mayor and council on a regular basis.

checkmarkReview and revamp committees, structure and implement term limits.

checkmarkMake selections based on merit and independent of council. Use staff and independent advice.


checkmarkI support the addition of the combination of basement and garden suites on the same property. Provided shading, parking, utilities and associated issues are taken in to consideration.

checkmarkI support increased housing on university and college campuses, lessening the pressure on our transportation, and decreasing our environmental impacts.

checkmarkI will ensure the LAP’s will be revised and updated to reflect the Official community plan.

checkmarkI will support measures to increase our rental housing.

checkmarkI support smart density on our major corridors and mixed commercials uses at various business hubs in Saanich.

checkmarkI support neighborhoods and preservation while adapting to change in the future.

checkmarkI support the concept of aging in place in your own home.


checkmarkIncrease our number of recreational facilities in Saanich.

checkmarkInvestigate the opportunities for a performing arts Center.


checkmarkThe development of a regional transportation authority.

checkmarkDevelopment that are accessible around transit hubs.

checkmarkWell-coordinated bicycle lanes in appropriate locations.

checkmarkIncentives to reduce motor vehicle usage while respecting those who need them.

checkmarkIncreased accessibility for the mobility impaired.