"Art is running for Saanich Council this year and I enjoyed discussing and sharing thoughts on balance and focus. Everyone needs to vote their conscience but I recommend speaking with and learning more about those you may vote for. It also gives you the chance to offer your ideas and input and I applaud Art for his serious focus on hearing all thoughts and ideas from residents, businesses, and community groups.

My experience...Politicians or would-be politicians can get focused or have narrow agendas as opposed to gaining information from all sources and looking at the big picture. Again, I applaud and support those that seriously connect with all parties that they will have a role in governing.  I definitely enjoyed talking about business, regional governance, and the regional environment with Art."

~ John Espley

"It’s refreshing to see a candidate who cares so deeply about the arts running for Saanich Council. Art Pollard puts his support behind musicians, actors and artists in our community, many of whom are amongst the lowest paid in society and hardest hit by the pandemic with static gig fees. I wish Art the best, and thank him for including my pianist and I in one of his community building events!"

~ Angela Verbrugge

"A devoted individual committed to their community is a cornerstone for any elected official. Art Pollard exemplifies passion, commitment to betterment for his community, and an overall focus on making Saanich the best it can be. To have someone like Art representing Saanich would be exactly what we need.”

~ Lisa Daigneault,
Ocean 98.5 Announcer and Station Manager

"I worked with Art Pollard on community television projects over many years and found him to be deeply interested in community affairs. He is a diligent volunteer and believes in contributing to his community in thoughtful and energetic ways. I believe Art is a good listener and would represent Saanich citizens well.

Good luck in the election, Art!"

~ Daphne Goode

"I’m a big supporter of people getting involved in their community, either by volunteering or running for office. One of my friends and a retired ferry worker Art Pollard is running for council in Sannich, and If you’re eligible to vote in this election please check out his site.

Good luck on your run!"

~ Gregg Dow

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